The actomyosin network is essential for cellular functions such as migration and adhesion, where force generation and sensing are important properties. Parallel actomyosin stress fibers crosslinked by a-actinin can additionally be crosslinked by highly structured arrays of myosin, called myosin stacks, that form when myosin regions in neighboring stress fibers align with each other [Hu et al., 2017].In a recent study we could additionally show that this specific order of the cytoskeleton plays a role in the capacity of cells to generate forces [Hu, Grobe et al., 2019]. However, the mechanism underlying the ordering of the cytoskeleton in 2D and 3D, how myosin stacks are maintained within a cell as well as the role myosin stacks play in physiological and pathophysiological functions remain poorly understood and is the current focus of this study.